Don’t get “left” at the altar!

Are you dreaming of getting married? Or married again? What are you thinking, girl? But if you must, here are some suggestions from a 1953 bridal magazine:

“At the wedding rehearsal, don’t be shy about participating in the rehearsal.” The custom of having a stand-in was considered an outmoded superstition for the progressive post-WWII bride. One, therefore, has to presume that before that time, it was bad luck for a bride to show up at her own wedding rehearsal. Odd. Did she think her intended groom would bolt for the door if he saw her?

“Do remember to practice a slow, natural walk up the aisle. No skating.” That was in the advice for brides. Um, I didn’t know brides skated back then. Even if the reference only is to walking in your prettiest high heels, ditching the ice skates, it’s still a stretch to imagine how brides would ‘skate’ up the aisle. A floor-length gown would present unimaginable problems to any form of walking that remotely resembles skating.

BTW, “the whole wedding party should move in perfect unison, guided by the music. And don’t forget that everyone should start off on the left foot.” Now imagine everyone in perfect lock-step proceeding up the aisle like a battalion of soldiers marching in a parade. Decidedly strange in a church. Or anywhere.

There’s no explanation why the left foot must be selected. In fact, there are many old superstitions about getting off on the wrong foot. That means starting a relationship badly as the wrong foot is the left foot. The left side of the body is associated with evil and bad luck. Even the word sinister refers to the left side of a shield. Doesn’t everyone want to start off on the right foot?

Whichever foot you choose to start on, may your future be joyous.

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